Monday, February 8, 2010

UM Reports enhancements went in

You will notice some changes to UM Reports.
If you have run a non-sponsored UM Report this week, you should have noticed significant differences.  First, the set-up interface is all on one screen, and if you want to run a report by zDeptID, there is a button at the very top that takes you to that functionality.  Also, I noticed the speed with which reports are running has been outstanding.  Moderate sized reports are running for me in under 10 seconds. 

You'll also notice that rows with all zeros have been suppressed.  The ability to name strings is also now fully implemented.  I named Dean's Office O&M strings in EFS and ran a UM Report this morning, and it worked well.  We'll go over this at the administrators meeting later this week.  I suggest you wait until after that meeting to start naming strings.

There will be a couple new reports and further UM Reports enhancements in the next couple months.  I will keep you posted as those improvements move along.  DJP