Friday, December 30, 2011

RRC notes -- 12/14/2011

Notes from the 12/14/11 RRC meeting...

RRC 2011-12-14.doc

State Economic
The recent state economic
forecast showed an $876 million improvement, which minimizes the likelihood of
the State pulling funds back from the U this year or next.  The University's budget framework for FY13
appears to be sound.

Cost of Mission:  Central has conducted a study of the cost
of the University's missions.  They also
analyzed how revenues are allocated by mission area.  The study is completed, and the results will
be released in the next 1-2 months. 
Comparison across colleges within the U will be possible, but comparison
to other institutions is inappropriate due to inconsistent methodologies across

Tax:  The University is under an IRS audit for UBIT
(Unrelated Business Income Tax).  You may
receive questions from IRS auditors through the tax office. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

RRC Notes -- 11/16/2011

Nothing urgent at last month's meeting.
And, hence, I was slow in getting these out.  DJP

RRC 2011-11-16.doc

RRC Meeting Summary -
Nov. 16, 2011

STAR:  I think you've all heard plenty about the
new DMS-based scholarship tracking system, which pulls scholarship-related
financial information from several systems and unifies it.  If you need access, you need to go to training
and then I can authorize it. 

University Endowment
The University has been
uploading the documents related to University-held endowments into the
Foundation's DMS.  The RRC manager will
be responsible for granting access to view the documents.

At the December Board of
Regents meeting, the President will raise a proposal to allow differential
tuition (a tuition surcharge) for certain colleges.  The proposal will be specific to CSOM.  Board policy would have to be amended to
allow this.

Fee Management
A new fee (and tuition) management
system is being developed.  Among other
changes, in the new system RRC managers will likely be required to approve all
fees in their colleges.  The development
is in the early stages, but will move pretty quickly.

UM Reports vs.
Over 90% of sponsored reports
are being run in UM Reports, so central is investigating removing some of the
reports from EFS.  They will be
contacting (or have contacted) the people who are running them in EFS to
understand why they prefer EFS.