Wednesday, December 11, 2013

RRC notes -- 12/11/13

There was an RRC meeting on 12/11/13.
27th pay period:  As we discussed several months ago during FY14 budget entry, central will begin collecting funds each year to be used to cover the 27th pay period expense when it next occurs.  See this previous post as a refresher:

Rather than use FY13 data as the basis for the FY14 charges, central will base the calculations on FY14 data.  This is primarily to avoid assessing the charge on chartstrings that were active in FY13 but are now inactive.  Central will not allow the college to direct the charge to one chartstring.  I had hoped that would be a possibility to minimize the administrative burden on departments, but it will not be allowed.

HRMS upgrade:  Please see the attached presentation about key decisions associated with the HRMS upgrade.  It is a good summary of important changes that will be coming.  If you have questions about this presentation or other aspects of ESUP, we will address them at the 12/13/13 Administrators' Meeting.


UMarket:  UMarket accounted for considerably more purchasing volume during FY14 Q1 than UStores did during the same period in FY13.  Central is looking at specific p-card users who routinely use p-cards with vendors that are in UMarket.  Additional communications will be sent to direct these p-card holders to UMarket as the University's preferred method of procurement.  Central is not looking to block UMarket venders from p-cards, as there are some legitimate cases where using a p-card is a reasonable last resort, but examples were given of other universities that have suspended p-cards for people who fail to use their own institution's e-procurement system.  To avoid a more strict central policy, please remind p-card holders that UMarket should be used whenever possible.