Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Establishment of CSE CA Committee

I want everyone to be aware of a new committee that is forming in CSE.    

The message below was sent from Associate Dean Kaveh to all CSE CAs:

CSE Certified Approvers:

I am pleased to announce that the
college will be forming a new committee in support of collegiate
certified approvers.  The CSE CA Committee will play a consultative role
on issues that face certified approvers throughout the college, and it
will allow me to engage on important issues facing the certified
approver community.  One of the committee's first tasks will be to work
with me on developing a collegiate conflict resolution policy that
establishes a procedure to follow when a certified approver's decision is
challenged.  Rachel Surber will chair the committee, and additional
details on the committee composition and duties are below. 


College of Science
& Engineering Certified Approver Committee

With support of the College of Science & Engineering
Dean's Office, a nine person committee of CSE certified approvers (CA) will be established
to advise and assist college CAs and the Dean's Office in a wide variety of
activities related to the administration and oversight of sponsored project
financial matters at the departmental and collegiate levels.

The committee will consist of 9 members -- three Dean's Office
representatives (Rachel Surber, Cathy Burke, and Jay Delaney) and six currently
appointed certified approvers from CSE.  Of
the six college-wide members, three will be elected and three appointed.  Initial committee terms will be staggered -- three
will serve a term of two (2) years and three a one (1) year term -- so three members will turn over each year.   All appointed CAs within the college will be
entered on the election ballot and eligible to vote. 

The purpose of the CSE CA Committee is to advise and assist

  1. Developing a certified
    approver conflict resolution plan for the College
  2. Serving as an advisory
    group for situations involving certified approvers which are escalated to
    the Dean's Office
  3. Developing collegiate
    policies/best practices as they relate to sponsored project financial
  4. Providing certified
    approvers monthly opportunities to meet and review situations on a case by
    case basis
  5. Providing opportunities
    for certified approvers to exchange information and network