Friday, July 20, 2012

FY13 reminders

A few reminders as FY13 gets going.  
First, thanks to everyone for your efforts budgeting FY13 and through FY12 year end.  From my perspective, things have gone very smoothly, so thank you all very much. 

Year end is a good time to offer a few reminders.

A couple of recently announced changes:  1)  Per University policy, approval of procurement card transactions and reimbursements for heads and center directors who report to Dean Crouch need approval from the Dean's Office (this isn't a change).  The change is to send the documentation to Cathy Burke instead of me.  She will review the documents, discuss any concerns with you, and then I will do a final review and send an approval or denial.  2)  Commitment transfer requests should also go to Cathy.

Cross-fund transfers need RRC approval.  This is not a new policy, yet a list of cross-fund transfers that I reviewed recently included many JEs that I did not approve.  I will be routinely reviewing reports showing all CSE cross-fund transfers and contacting the preparer and approver of JEs that I did not approve.  My approval should be included in the imaged documentation or at least referenced in the justification (e.g. Approved by RRC manager in 7/12/12 email).  I am not concerned about moving charges across funds, but I only approve transferring resources across funds if there is a strong justification or no reasonable alternative.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!  DJP