Thursday, February 28, 2013

FY14 fee deadlines

Fees must be submitted for RRC approval by Friday, April 12.  
The new fee management system requires all fees to be approved by the RRC Manager or designee.  Cathy Burke is my designee, so she or I must approve every CSE fee this year.  After our approval, the fees will go to the Budget Office for approval, and ultimately to the Board of Regents for final approval.

Existing fees were recreated in the new system via a manual process, so you must check every fee carefully to ensure it was properly converted.  Also, please be very attentive to accuracy and avoid jargon and acronyms in the "public facing" fee descriptions.  We will return fees to you if the public description is not suitable to present to a student or a Board member.  As this is the first year of RRC approval and we are operating with converted fees in a new system, we will scrutinize fees especially carefully this year, and you can expect questions if you submit incomplete or unclear information.

If you were not at the new fee request system training on 2/27 and you
need to enter fees for your unit, let me know ASAP (  The central deadline for fee submission is 4/19, but in CSE they are due 4/12 to allow sufficient time for review and approval of all CSE's fees.  DJP