Thursday, April 17, 2014

RRC notes -- 4/16/14

There was an RRC meeting on 4/16/2014.

Benefits change:  At the beginning of this summer term, all faculty earnings will be subject to Faculty Retirement Plan deductions regardless of the term and funding source.  Expect additional information from HR on this benefits change soon.

Global Operations Center:  If you have complex situations outside the United States, the Global Operations Center can help you.  The center is a one-stop shop for assisting travelers and administrators with issues outside the U.S.

P-Card vendor transition:  On May 1, the p-card bank will change from Wells Fargo to U.S. Bank.  U.S. Bank Visa cards should be arriving over the next two weeks.  They can be activated, but will not work until May 1.  If a cardholder will be on travel during the May 1 switch, the Wells Fargo card can remain active for a few more days at the request of the DCA.  Please direct any questions to your DCA.

Fringe simplification grant impact:  If you have a grant or grants in your area for which the fringe simplification change has a substantial negative impact that cannot be remedied by rebudgeting, please let Dave Pappone know.  For most grants, fringe costs will decrease, but a grant that employs primarily part-time academics may see a cost increase.  If this creates a hardship, let me know (