Friday, January 23, 2015

One-up approval

A reminder on one-up approvals. 

For those of you with personnel in your units who report to Dean Crouch, Dean's Office approval is required for reimbursements, p-card, and any other transactions that relate to the Dean's direct reports (heads, center directors, assoc. deans).  I believe everyone is sending over transactions generated by the Dean's direct reports.  This is a reminder that other transactions require one-up approval if they benefit that individual.  For example, if a support person purchases a laptop, plane ticket, or meal for someone who reports to the Dean, that transaction is subject to one-up approval from the Dean's Office.  One-up approval cannot be bypassed by having someone else in the department make the purchases for the head/director.  The internal auditors have been absolutely clear on this point over the years. 

Another example is a departmental event -- if a department pays for an event at which the head eats, that event is subject to Dean's Office approval no matter what mechanism is used to pay the expense.  The process for these has not changed -- the documentation should be emailed to Cathy Burke before the transaction is approved in EFS.  DJP