Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What we can do during the "cutover"

The period during which the PeopleSoft enterprise systems will be upgraded is the cutover period (roughly April 10-20).  What can we do during this time?

First, what people can't do during the cutover:

Transactions will not be able to be processed in the PeopleSoft systems.  This includes budgeting.  You can budget in EFS before the cutover and after, but not during.

UM Reports will be available during most of the cutover, BUT sometime late the week of April 10th all payroll encumbrances will disappear from reports, so be careful what reporting you plan during the cutover.

Do not wait until the cutover to complete required HRMS training.  Training will be available during the cutover, BUT required HRMS training has to be completed by April 3rd to have access at go-live. 

What can people do during the cutover?

Attend the Upgrade Fair on April 15th.  Please encourage all staff with roles in PeopleSoft to attend.  Details are on the upgrade website.

FSUN is planning some brownbags during the cutover on special topics.  Announcements should be forthcoming. 

The Fee System will be available, so you can do fee entry during the cutover.

Review training materials.  As mentioned above, do not wait until the cutover to complete required HRMS trainings, but you will be able to review all training resources during the cutover.

For EFS, a "cutover calendar" has been released with more details on what can be done and when.  As the upgrade approaches, we will have further collegiate discussion of this calendar plus an HRMS version.  In the meantime, the EFS calendar is posted at the upgrade website:

The college is not allowed to set earlier dates than those described in the calendar, but as you consider the deadlines, please be reasonable with your expectations for documents getting fully through the system if they are entered at the last moment before a deadline.