Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Off-cycle salary request process

Please see the message below announcing the new process for off-cycle salary requests in CSE.  This was also emailed from Joy to administrators on 7/16/18.  DJP

Good afternoon all~

The documents for the new off-cycle process are complete and attached, for your review.  The input form will be used for the following types of adjustments:

Market Adjustments are considered when inequities can be demonstrated relative to the comparable external market.
·         Internal Equity Adjustments are considered when inequities can be demonstrated among unit, college, and/or University employees in comparable job codes and situations.
·         Retention Adjustments are considered when an employee has a competing employment offer. The employee must provide documentation of the competing offer, and the unit must describe the criticality of retaining the employee rather than refilling the position.
·         Job Change Adjustments are considered when an employee’s duties or responsibility level have changed significantly, but not in such a manner as to justify a reclassification.
·         Augmentations are considered when an employee is temporarily performing duties above and outside of their job classification.

For now, the plan is to review off-cycle forms every two weeks, beginning Monday, July 30th.   

If you have a form for review, email it along with the requested materials to, cse-admin@umn.edu no later than noon, the Thursday before the request is to be reviewed. 

Thank you for your support of this new process and please do not hesitate to let Dave or me know if you have any questions.

​Dave and Joy​

Business process

Request template (open link and then download to Excel to use the template)