Thursday, December 3, 2009

UM Reports Excel Exports

Having trouble exporting large amounts of data from UM Reports to Excel?
I have been frustrated by crashes and blank Excel workbooks when exporting large amounts of data from non-sponsored UM Reports.  I solicited central's help, and they solved the problem.  If you are having the same difficulty, try this:

Use Internet Explorer, not Firefox.  (I usually use Firefox and this didn't work for me in Firefox.)

When you are ready to export your report to Excel, instead of the Excel icon, click on the CSV icon.  The CSV download will also generate an Excel worksheet.  I have found the spreadsheet it generates to be indistinguishable from the file I would expect with an Excel export.

Depending on your browser settings, it may try to stop the download and/or ask if you really want to do what you are asking it to do, but if you click through all that it should work.  I successfully ran an 8,000+ row report and got it into Excel in under 5 minutes from beginning to end. 

If you still have problems, email me the parameters you are using to run your report, and I'll try it.  DJP