Thursday, December 3, 2009

FY09 Data Sheet

Spreadsheet containing FY09 financial information.
The spreadsheet attached to this post contains FY09 activity on every IT chartstring (8,519 of them!).  The base data are from the chartfield string budget status report in UM Reports.  I've "enhanced" this by adding filters on the columns, adding a column and coding every row for zDeptID (I've called it "Department"), and by hiding the "budget" columns in the report.  Since FY09 is over, I find it most useful to boil the report down to CFWD, actual columns, and ending balance, but the budget columns are there if you want to unhide them.

One note on the column I coded as Department -- it does not exactly follow the zDeptID tree.  I broke out some major centers that are technically under a departmental zDeptID.

Using this spreadsheet just with the filters is quick and useful, but the real power is in using pivot tables.  I created a worksheet in the file that is the shell of a pivot table, and, if the agenda allows it, I am planning to spend 20-30 minutes at the 12/10/09 admin meeting demonstrating how to use pivot tables to do financial analysis with this spreadsheet.

Since this information is out of UM Reports, I'm not using any password protection on the spreadsheet.  This information is already available to anyone reading this.  DJP

IT FY09.xls