Thursday, April 25, 2019

University travel card policy under review

The University's new Travel Card policy is under 30 day review.  Please review and provide feedback as indicated at this link:

Monday, April 15, 2019

Budget entry and commitment deadlines

The end of the fiscal year is only a couple of months away, so commitment transfer and budget entry deadlines are coming.

Deadline for startup fund transfer requests:  4/30
Deadline for all other commitment transfer requests:  5/10 (This excludes transfers that cannot be calculated until pd. 13.)

CSE Budget entry deadline:  8AM 6/3, But EFS will be down most or all of the weekend of June 1-2.  The collegiate deadline is earlier than in the past because this year we will be doing more scrutiny of submitted budgets and possibly requesting revisions.

We are unlikely to receive a final collegiate allocation from central until late May or June, so departmental O&M allocations will also be delayed.  But, there is no need to wait for this number to do most of your budgeting, as most expenses (e.g., compensation) are not impacted by your exact allocation.

Below is a link to a budgeting best practices document created by Cathy.  Below that is a link to the University's budget entry instructions.  Please let Cathy know if you have any questions or concerns.   DJP

Budget entry best practices in CSE:

Detailed budget entry instructions from Budget Office: