Tuesday, December 14, 2010


TIP will run on Dec. 31.   
See attached memo.

FY11 TIP Memo_12 8 10.PDF

Thursday, December 9, 2010

RRC Summary 12/8/2010

See below and attached for several items from the RRC meeting.  DJP

RRC 2010-12-08.doc

RRC Meeting Summary -
December 8, 2010

Budget:  The budget update is
basically the same as it has been for the last 2+ years, so I will make this
short and sweet.  The state has a large
deficit, and the appropriation to the University will be cut.  The only question is by how much, and we
won't have a better sense of that for several months.

EFS:  A new round of EFS
improvements will be occurring in the coming months.  Details will come in January, but there will
be three aspects to the process:


Reporting - the new "BI Tool" will address this.

Continued technical fixes to specific EFS-related

Consideration of the larger issues more fundamental to
EFS - combo codes, the chart of accounts, workflows, org. structure, etc. 

Numbers one and two will move quickly.  Number three will require many conversations
and consultations and may involve peer review and/or outside consultants.

A letter will go out to the entire financial community on
this in the next few weeks.

TIP:  A new TIP memo is
out.  I will forward it as soon as I
receive the electronic version.  As I
previously announced, TIP will be applied to deficits (cash basis) on
12/31/2010.  I don't believe you will find
any surprises in the memo.

Cost share and F&A redistribution: 
In order to close out projects, SFR needs to have all cost share
lines funded to the penny and all ICR redistributed.  When SFR feels a project should be closed and
these transactions have not occurred, Nayubel Bernard will send an email about
the cost share to the appropriate departmental accountant, and all ICR emails
will go to me (RRC Manager).  You should
be able to resolve the cost share in the departments, but if you run into
problems, please contact Katherine Lindsay. 
I will handle all ICR/F&A issues. 
ICR comes into the Dean's Office, so the transactions do not involve
departmental chartstrings.

Hospitality policy revisions: 
Next week, a revised hospitality policy will go up for 30 day
review.  You will see clarification of
hospitality expenses while on travel, student group charitable donations,
revisions to the allowability matrix, and further guidelines on selling and
serving alcohol on campus.

Position budgeting:  Position
budgeting will be mandatory for FY12.  If
you took the training last year, you will not have to go through it again.  There will be an online refresher course, and
a guide to some improvements they made to the system.  I do not believe there will be a required