Monday, March 24, 2014

Budget Entry Instructions and Deadline

FY15 budgets are due to the CSE Dean's Office by close of business Friday May 30th. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

RRC notes -- 3/19/14

There was an RRC meeting on 3/19/2014.  
M-Key to Duo transition for authentication:  Between 3/23 and
5/21, M-Keys and the new Duo authentication will be available for
logging into PeopleSoft and other two-factor authentication
applications.  On 5/21, M-Keys will no longer work.  You will be able to
get a replacement for the M-Key, called a "token," which will function
like the M-Key.  You also will have options to use your mobile device or desk phone in place of a token.  For many people, utilizing one's one mobile device will be much more convenient than carrying an M-Key, but for those who wish to have an M-Key-like device, that will still be an option.  Details on these
alternatives will come from central soon. 

CERT system:  The University now has access to the CERT System, which allows you to search for certified vendors using their names, locations, classifications, ratings, and other criteria.  Please see the attached presentation.  If you or someone in your department would like access to the system, let Dave Pappone know.

OBCED CERT Presentation__20130927.ppt

UMarket:  Adoption of UMarket has been strong, but there is
still room for growth, particularly when non-UMarket processes are being used to purchase from vendors that are on UMarket.  The UMarket process is easier for vendors than other procurement methods, and one vendor has introduced a 5% markup on products bought by the University by any means other than UMarket, and other vendors are considering similar policies.  Purchasing Services is meeting with high-volume purchasers in departments to further improve UMarket, for example by enhancing the search feature and product descriptions.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Fee Deadline Reminder -- 3/21/14

This is a reminder that CSE's fee deadline is Friday, March 21st.

Friday, March 7, 2014

EFS Approvals

After the upgrade, there will be changes to EFS approvals.