Wednesday, January 29, 2014

UMF Payouts

At the start of this fiscal year, there was a change to UMF's payout calculation. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

RRC notes -- 1/15/14

There was an RRC meeting on 1/15/14.

* HR Entity and Finance zDeptid will be brought into alignment to ease reporting across systems.  If the deptids under you zDeptid and HR Entity are not in alignment, the Dean's Office will contact you soon.  In most cases in CSE, they are already aligned.

* Please see the attached revision to the University Plant Fund policy.  The Dean's Office will be running collegiate reports to ensure a transition to the new policy.  e.g. "Any plant fund with a negative balance should be eliminated by transferring in existing current fund balances."  (This does not apply to ISOs.)  Plant fund policy.pdf

* A new external sales policy is under 30 day review.  It will result in a risk-based approach to external sales transactions, and for low risk activities there will be no contract required.  An 8-question online survey will determine whether your transaction is low, medium, or high risk.  The policy is attached, and the online tool is already available at this link:

Ext sales policy.pdf

* The University is switching PCard vendors.  U.S. Bank will replace Wells Fargo in the coming months, see attached presentation.  PCard vendor transition.pdf