Thursday, February 28, 2013

FY14 fee deadlines

Fees must be submitted for RRC approval by Friday, April 12.  

Thursday, February 21, 2013

RRC notes -- 2/20/2013

A summary of the 2/20/13 RRC meeting is below and attached.  DJP

RRC Meeting Summary -February
20, 2013

EFS Update:  Information on the EFS upgrade project
can be found here:

EFS Billing:  University-wide, 70% of billing activity
is flowing through EFS.  Within the next
12-24 months, central wants to have the other 30% flowing through EFS.  If there is any billing occurring in
CSE outside of EFS, please let Jay Delaney know ASAP. 

New Asset Management
Please see the attached
document regarding asset management changes to be implemented on July 1,
2013.  There will be more to come as the
implementation date approaches. 

Closing of Bursar's
The TC Bursar will close on
June 28, 2013.  Attached is a
presentation on this topic.  "Remote
Deposit Capture" devices will be distributed to RRCs in order to record
deposits.  In March, the Office of
Investments and Banking will meet with each RRC to discuss a strategy to implement
this technology in the RRC. 

Budget Training:  Training Services and the Budget Office
are considering moving to a Train the Trainer model for delivering budget entry
training.  There will be some traditional
budget entry classes offered this year, but next year it may be entirely Train
the Trainer-based.  CSE will be working
with Training Services to implement a Train the Trainer model this
year.  If you have anyone in your area who
will need budget entry training this year, please let Dave Pappone know.

RRC 2013-02-20.doc

Asset Management.pdf


Friday, February 15, 2013

Chartstring exceptions report

There is a UM Report to help identify invalid chartstrings.  
This report can be run by deptid or zdeptid, and it will generate a list of chartstrings that are suspected, using various criteria, to be invalid chartstrings on which expenses have been incurred.  If you do transfers to move the expenses, fund the chartstring, or budget in the chartstring, then the chartstrings will fall off this report.  Cathy put together the attached document to explain how some of the report options work.  DJP

Chart String Exceptions report.docx

Thursday, February 14, 2013

AR for Foundation Transfers

There will be a new account code for Foundation transfers accounts receivable (AR). 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Audit findings

The University auditors compiled a report of common audit findings.  

Please see the attached document for a very useful review of common audit findings.  Thanks to Katherine Lindsay for tracking this down.  DJP

Findings 2012.pdf

Thursday, February 7, 2013