Friday, December 18, 2009

Position Budgeting

Wondering about position budgeting?
Wondering about position budgeting?  So was I.  Below is what I now know about how it will work.  This information is based on an
informal conversation, so take this as a general explanation of
position budgeting and don't hold me to the details on exactly how it
will work when implemented in a few months.

There will be a new position budgeting screen in the EFS budget module.  On a specified day, information will be transmitted from the HR system into EFS.  The position budgeting page will display the information from the HR system to aid in budgeting for personnel compensation and benefits.  Information will be at the individual employee level.  EFS will use the HR information to suggest how much should be budgeted (salary and fringe) in each chartstring for each employee category.  You will then have the opportunity to override this information based on what you know about the upcoming year.  Then you will submit the  information, and it will automatically populate your EFS "final budget" page.  You will still be able to override any of the information before submitting your final budget in EFS.

The intent is to provide additional data in EFS about compensation, so budgeting is easier and more accurate.  At a minimum, things *shouldn't* get worse.  I will update this if/when I get a formal explanation with more details.  DJP