Thursday, October 17, 2013

RRC notes -- 10/16/13

There was an RRC meeting on 10/16/13.  
Transition to Payroll Accounting:  Even though the PeopleSoft upgrade is one year away, decisions on data conversion must be made soon.  There are important decisions to be made in the Payroll Accounting area before Oct. 31.  Colleges and other RRCs will approach this conversion differently, and at the 10/18 administrators meeting we will have a full discussion of the collegiate approach in CSE.

Fringe Rate Simplification:  Central is considering a major change to fringe rate accounting next year.  The change would ultimately result in simplification in the system and in projecting fringe costs.  A result of the change, however, is a difficult transition period, because changing fringe calculations shifts costs around the institution.  An extensive series of budget adjustments may need to be made across the entire institution to neutralize as much of the impact as possible, but not all of the impact can be "fixed" with allocation adjustments.  This, too, will be an important topic at the 10/18 administrators meeting.