Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Chartfield requests and emergency approvers

A reminder, BPEL is no longer the tool to request new chartfields, and CSE now has emergency approvers.

New chartfield requests now are created directly in EFS, not BPEL.  Also, you can request changes to your deptid approvers by making a request to change the attributes of your deptid(s).  There are help guides to walk you through this.  The requests route for approval to the Dean's Office (Dave, Jay, and Cathy).  When requesting to change approvers, please include a comment to explain the changes you are proposing.  Note:  People obtaining a specific approval role for the very first time in EFS still need an ARF, so central can verify that they have the appropriate training and that their system roles comply with separation of duty requirements.

Also, we are using the new pooled approver functionality to implement a CSE emergency approver system.  You will see Jay Delaney and Rachel Veenstra as CA in the alternate pool for every CSE deptid, and you will see Jay Delaney and Cathy Burke in the pool as deptid alternate approvers for every deptid and every document type.  They are in those alternate pools intentionally to approve on an emergency basis.  They only will approve documents at the request of an appropriate departmental employee and with documentation that they deem to be sufficient.  DJP