Wednesday, December 14, 2016

RRC Notes -- 12/14/16

I haven't written an "RRC Notes" post in quite awhile, as I have instead separately communicated relevant issues arising at the monthly RRC meetings.  There were multiple issues at this morning's meeting that I want to share though, so, to dust off an old format...DJP

RRC Notes -- 12/14/16

Balance review:  The Budget Office will initiate a carry-forward balance review this week or next.  The process will be much like the last time they did this a few years ago.  We will be asked to assign our carry-forward balances to one of a several categories that they will provide us.  We will report to central only at the college level, but your units roll up to the college, so you will all receive spreadsheets with your data to return to the Dean's Office to be compiled into our college submission.  The turn around will be tight.  Central needs it back in January to present at a February Board of Regents meeting.

FY18 Budget Instructions:  The Budget Office will send budget instructions to the academic units in mid-January (targeting Jan. 13).  The instructions will provide the framework for our internal budget process, so you can expect information on FY18 budget planning from the Dean's Office soon after that.

Targeted Group Purchasing:  The University has made great progress on increasing its spending with minority and women-owned businesses.  In addition to including flags in UMarket to indicate these businesses, the University is working in other ways to make further improvements.  I will invite someone from central to one of our administrators meetings to talk about what central is doing in this area and how we can be helpful.

UTravel project:  At long last, the University is kicking off the major initiative to improve University travel processes from booking through reimbursement.  This will include a new corporate-liability travel card and improved systems to streamline the administrative processes.  The target implementation date is next fall 2017.  I am to be on the soon-to-be-formed advisory group overseeing the effort, and I hope CSE will be well-represented on the work groups that will form to work through the policy and implementation details.

Controller's organization:  Disbursement Services is being eliminated as a stand-alone unit, and its functions are being split between Accounting Services and Purchasing Services.  This is part of an administrative cost reduction effort.