Thursday, July 1, 2010

ICR Fund and Encumbrance Report

A reminder and information on a new report.
Welcome to FY11!

Remember, 1024 is the ICR fund beginning in FY11.  All ICR expenditures should be on 1024 in FY11, and all ICR resources should be moved from 1026 to 1024.  Ideally, this will be done in period 13 so CFWDs roll correctly, but if you can't get it all moved in period 13 it can be moved in FY11, too.

I just noticed a UM Report feature that my reporting group was working on for months went live -- an encumbrance detail report.  When you run an Account Budget Status report, you will notice that in addition to the account value being a hyperlink (to the transaction detail report), the non-pay encumbrance $ amount is now a hyperlink, too.  This new hyperlink takes you to an encumbrance detail report that will show you what POs make up the encumbrance and give you several pieces of information about the POs including a brief description, the vendor name, and the full chartstring.  I think this will be very useful and save everyone time.  If you have any questions or problems with it, let me know.  DJP