Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New UM Report

There is a new UM Report out that displays actual activity by accounting period --

I want to bring everyone's attention to a new UM Report that was released this past weekend that I think is very useful.  The name of the report is:  Actual Account Summary by Accounting Period for Current Non-Sponsored Funds.

The report can be run on a range of accounting periods and displays each period as a separate column.  This allows you to see your activity by account (rows), period by period (columns).  I find this very useful for spotting spending anomalies, especially in payroll accounts.  It's a very nice presentation of a full year's activity broken down in a meaningful way.

A few things to note about this report.  First, it can be run by the same chartfield parameters as other non-sponsored UM Reports.  On the screen where you enter those values, there are two check-boxes.  You can opt to either see carryforward included or not.  If you select that box, then the carryforward will be included in its own column (the first column in the report).  If you select the Adjustments check-box, period 913 and other adjustment periods will be included in a separate column (the last column in the report).

The report can be grouped-by, just like other non-sponsored UM Reports, so if you want to see this type of presentation on every unique string you can group-by Description.  (And, if you've named strings, then you'll see all the names you gave your strings, too!)

If you include all 12 accounting periods plus carryforward and adjustments, the columns will not all fit if you export to PDF.  The workaround on this is to print it from your browser and force it to legal paper using the print settings in your browser.

Also, an update on a couple other UM Reports.  The enhanced transaction descriptions will be rolled out in the next month (hopefully).  The ability to drill into non-payroll encumbrances is scheduled for June or July.  After these changes are implemented, I plan to do a comprehensive presentation of the UM Reports enhancements that have occurred over the last 6 months.  DJP