Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Match Transfer Policy

As discussed at the 10/18 admin meeting, future CSE matches will be transferred to program code SEMCH.  

Dean's Office Match Transfer Process

All new Dean's Office matches will be transferred to Program code SEMCH, typically with fund 1024 (e.g 1024-deptid-SEMCH-CF1/2/3).  Required matches that must be reported to the sponsor will be transferred to the full cost share chartstring, which includes a Project value.  Voluntary matches do not need to be transferred to a full cost share chartstring, but they still need to be transferred to Program code SEMCH.  Use of optional chartfields (CF1, CF2, and EmplID) is at the discretion of the department. 

Other funds originating in CSE, for example the departmental share of a match, may be commingled with Dean's Office matching funds in Program code SEMCH.  However, SEMCH should not be used when there is only a departmental match, nor should funds originating outside CSE be commingled in SEMCH.  After all charges have been incurred, remaining funds must be returned to the Dean's Office per the guidelines in the commitment letter for the match.

Prior to processing a match transfer, the Dean's Office requires several pieces of information about the grant, e.g. the project number, beginning/end dates of the grant, and whether departmental funds will or will not be commingled for that grant. 

This process only applies to new matches.  Existing match commitments can stay in their existing chartstrings.