Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Shutting down chartstrings midyear

Upon request, central will close chartstrings midyear.  
Central has a process in place to either: 1) shut down a combo code at the full chartstring level, or 2)  completely shut down a fund-deptid-program. 

The annual budgeting process continues to be the best time to shut down chartstrings via the "exclude" functionality in the budget module.  However, if you need to shut down a chartstring midyear, now there is a process.  You can read about it and get the forms here: http://www.finsys.umn.edu/budgets/biz_bd_exclusion.html

This is not intended for closing large numbers of chartings.  It is expected to be used on a limited basis when there is a need for it.  Prior to using this process, please read about the ramifications of closing chartstrings using this method at the link above.  DJP