Thursday, May 19, 2011

RRC Notes 5/18/2011

Notes from the 5/18 RRC meeting. 

RRC Meeting Summary -
May 18, 2011

Budget:  It will be weeks or months before the
University has a final appropriation from the state, but central will make
allocations to colleges next week.  This
will allow us to put O&M allocations in EFS, so collegiate units can budget
O&M revenue in EFS.  (Hopefully,
everyone is already working on the rest of their budgets in EFS!)

Tomorrow (Friday, May 19), I will send tentative allocations
to academic departments.  They are very
unlikely to change, but, of course, they are subject to the college's final
allocation being within the range we are anticipating.

Expense Audit:  An audit of senior executive expenses
recently concluded.  Attached is a
document from the auditors that describes the issues they found.  Many of them are also applicable to expenses
for other University employees, so please review this document and make
appropriate adjustments to your policies and practices.


RRC 2011-05-18.doc