Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A couple of updates

Since the admin meeting this Friday has been delayed, and the next available time for an accounting meeting isn't until October, I want to provide a couple of updates...
The Draft CSE Procurement Card Policy was shared with the Administrative Council this morning (Tuesday).  The policy, either as it stands now or with amendment based on council member feedback, should go into place beginning with the next p-card billing cycle (Sept. 25).  I expect to send a final version of the policy to you next week.

I have been working on updating commitment spreadsheets for all units.  I should be finished with them by the end of this week, so you will soon see FY12 commitment spreadsheets posted on the blog (academic departments) or I will email them to you (all other units). 

Keep your eyes on UM Reports, as I understand the so-called "PI Reports" are finally going to go live this week.  They will allow us to assign "owners" to chartstrings, and, among other improvements, I think person-level payroll information will be included in the financial reports.  When these go live, I encourage you to take some time to familiarize yourself with them, because although they are often called "PI" reports, they should be very useful to all of us.  DJP