Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Budget Entry Timeline

Central has established the schedule for FY14 budget entry.  
Please see the message below from the Office of Budget and Finance:

We now have the schedule for when the position budgeting and detailed
budgeting pages will be loaded and ready for entry of the FY14 budget.

* On the night of Wednesday, January 23, the first Position Budgeting Interface will run.

* On January 24, the HR Data Refresh, Detailed Budgeting load and Asset Budgeting load will run.

* In mid February, the FY14 Budget Entry Instructions will be sent out to all RRCs.

This schedule means two things:  1) you can technically begin to do
budget entry on January 25 (prior to receiving the annual Budget Entry
Instructions); and 2) if you want to make any corrections/changes in the
HR system prior to the initial load of the position budgeting pages,
those changes should be made by the end of the day Wednesday, January

Remember that if you do not get all corrections made in HR by January
23, you can "refresh" the position budgeting pages (by DeptId) with
current HR data throughout the budget entry process because the
interface between the two systems will run once a week (every Wednesday
night).  However, if you have already begun entry, that refresh may
impact what you have entered.  The Budget Entry Instructions will
provide more information about that refresh process.

Please contact your budget officer if you have questions about this schedule.