Friday, April 25, 2014

Appointment entry

Appointment entry in HRMS should not occur outside of the collegiate payroll group.  
With the exception of one department that will be transitioning to central collegiate appointment entry this summer, there should no longer be any appointment entry into HRMS occurring outside of the collegiate payroll staff. 

In 99% of cases, this is already the situation, but a review of reports reveals a handful of instances where individuals have taken the liberty of doing limited entry themselves.  There have been only three people in the college who have done this, but I wanted to announce this broadly to be sure everyone is aware. 

We don't intend to go through the process of pulling entry access prior to the upgrade, because adjusting access roles will be part of the upgrade anyway.  But, we will be monitoring entry activity until the upgrade.

If you feel a situation arises that necessitates your direct HRMS appointment entry, we need to know about it so such situations can be understood before the upgrade results in appointment entry access being eliminated for everyone outside of the payroll group.  DJP