Thursday, April 17, 2014

Risk-based approach to external sales

There has been a significant change to the external sales policy.  
The University's external sales policy has been amended to take a risk-based approach to the administrative requirements for external sales.  This is a substantial change, and I encourage anyone who works with external sales to review the new policy:

And attend this session:

 "External Sales Update"                                                                                    
"An Overview of changes to the External Sales Contracting Process"
                                             Walter Library Room 101
                                                   April 30th. 2014  
                                           10 o:clock - 11 o:clock 
                          Additional time for questions until 12 o:clock 
This session with go over the updates to the policy and procedures "Risk-based approach to contracting, the use on the on-line assessment survey, updates to the External Sales Contracts Library, expanded use of the Short-Form Services Agreement, use of the Service Agreements Amendments, and ways to improve the contracting review process.  
To register, send an e-mail to Keith Jansen at