Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Year-end requirements

Some reminders about year-end.  
First, no fund-zdeptid combination can end the year with a deficit balance, with the exception of fund 1150 ISO deficits resulting from open AR.  If this is a concern, let's talk ASAP.

Second, payroll default chartstrings much be cleaned up, i.e. program code 21853 will end FY14 with a zero balance. 

Finally, as you process year-end JEs, remember that transferring resources across funds requires RRC manager approval (  Please include the approval in your documentation and refer to it in your justification.  Also, be sure to use the right transfer codes.  If you are transferring into 1150, it is a subsidy to the ISO (600308/610308).  Other transfer codes:

600201/610201: same fund, same RRC (across deptIDs)
600202/610202: same fund, different RRC
600203/610203: same fund, same deptID

600204/610204: different fund, same RRC (across deptIDs)
600205/610205: different fund, different RRC 
600206/610206: different fund, same deptID

Our transfer monitoring and reports are driven by the transfer codes, so it is important to get those right.  Thank you, DJP