Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Electronic time and absence reporting

The upgrade will take time and absence reporting online.  Please review this email and the sneak peeks, and share them with others who would find them useful.  
To:  RRC  Managers

From:  Kelly Krattiger, Human Resources Management System Director

Subject: Important Changes Coming to Employee Time Sheets and Absence Reports


One of the biggest changes in the University's Human Resources Management System Upgrade to PeopleSoft 9.2 is that employees who currently report their time and absences on paper will instead do so electronically when the system goes live in February.  The change will affect almost everyone who works at the University, except those in University Services, Auxiliary Services and the Veterinary Medical Hospital, who will continue using KRONOS and other software to report time and absences.

To introduce the change from paper to electronic reporting, the University's Office of Human Resources has completed three new sneak peek videos:

*Electronic Absence Reporting (helpful for all employees).

*Electronic Time Reporting (helpful for hourly employees and student workers).

*Approving Electronic Time and Absence Reporting (helpful for faculty and staff who supervise/manage employees).

Closer to the Upgrade Go Live date in February, University employees will be offered training and other how-to resources to help make the change to electronic reporting.

Hourly University employees and student workers who fail to make the shift from paper to electronic reporting risk not being paid on time. Salaried faculty and staff employees who don't make the change to electronic absence reporting could have time off delayed.  Faculty and staff supervisors who don't properly shift to electronic approvals of (hourly) time and absence, could also cause delays in pay and leave requests.

Here are a few other key points you and other employees should be aware of when the Upgrade launches in February:

For Hourly Employees and Student Workers

If you are an hourly U of M employee or undergraduate student worker who reports your hours now, you will continue to report them in the future.  But rather than completing a paper time sheet, you will submit your hours online using electronic time reporting.  Unit administrators can assist employees without access to computers.

For Salaried/Exception Hourly Employees (Faculty and Staff)

If you are a faculty or staff member who is a salaried or exception hourly employee who does not submit a time sheet now, you will not be required to do so in the future.  (Exception hourly employees will continue to report salary exceptions such as approved overtime, shift differential, etc.) Salaried and exception hourly employees who currently report vacation and other absences on paper will instead do so electronically.  Unit administrators can continue to assist faculty and staff with reporting absences.

For Faculty and Staff Who Supervise/Manage Employees

If you are a faculty or staff supervisor who reviews and approves employee time or absences, you will continue to do so in the future. After Go Live, you will complete your approval electronically rather than on paper.  Supervisors will be able to delegate this function where necessary.

Please feel free to share this message and the video links to others who could benefit from having this information.  Thank you!