Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Summer TA rates and Grad Assistant raise implementation dates

These bullets were included in your summer TA memos and in an administrative email (4/12/2016).  Posting them here, too:

  • Assisting Teaching Assistants (TAs) are paid at the same hourly rate as during the preceding academic year, and their workload over the entire summer for all graduate assistant effort is reflective of the hours for which they are compensated. You should use job code 9571 for the TA duties, and the rate must fall within the minimum and maximum rates for that job code. 

  • Teaching TAs must be compensated at a rate higher than an assisting TA. Departments may establish appropriate rates for teaching TAs, but the rate may not exceed the amount that would be paid to a regular or non-regular faculty instructor for the same work. 

  • Annual raises for all graduate assistants in the College of Science and Engineering are effective at the beginning of each new academic year.