Wednesday, August 22, 2018

New I9 process

To ensure broad dissemination and as an archive, I'm posting a message from CSE's HR Director below.  Best, DJP

I appreciate your questions and feedback, regarding the I-9 process, during the Administrator’s meeting last week.  
As discussed, in both our meeting and during today’s Payroll Forum, the University of Minnesota is committed to being fully compliant with the University of Minnesota’s business practice, as well as the I-9 federal law.  As a result, I wanted to highlight a few key points to keep in mind:
·         Currently the University’s business practice states that all faculty, staff and student hires must have sections 1 and 2 of their I-9 form completed on or before their first day of employment ("Day 1").
·          Employment will be terminated if the employee is out of compliance with the University’s business practice; specifically,  when Section 1 and/or Section 2 is not complete by the end of the employee's first day of employment.
·         All offer letters and I-9 training materials have new language that will address the University’s commitment to full compliance.
·         Going forward, all employee groups should receive an offer letter of employment.
·         Within CSE, Emily Nelson will be the key contact for the I-9 compliance monitoring done through payroll and I will be the Human Resources key contact.
Attached is our CSE internal business process for I-9 monitoring and a link to the email sent from Kathy Brown, for your reference.  I shared the feedback that we discussed regarding the verbiage and length, and thus far we have been directed to utilize what has been approved.
If you have any additional questions or comments, please contact me at 612-301-1070 or
Thanks much!

Joy Wise Davis, SPHR 
Director of Human Resources
College of Science & Engineering
University of Minnesota