Monday, May 24, 2010

Cost share best practices and examples

Thanks to Katherine for putting together the attached information on cost share. DJP
As promised, here is the Institute of Technology Cost Share 'CSR' best
practices & examples training presentation. 
Hopefully this presentation will provide a solid overview of the 'CSR'
funding process and give you insightful examples that you can apply to
your own cost share funding to-do lists.

The three most important aspects about funding cost share from now until
the end of FY10...

1) Begin with projects that have ended as of 3/31/10

2) Use ONN as routing source for JEs

3) Please ensure revenue aligns with expenses at the FULL optional chart
string level

Special thanks to Ginny Olson, Dr. Priscilla Cushman, Pam Wilson, David
Pappone, Jay Delaney, Kamala Upadhyaya, & Sue Paulson for their valuable
input on this training presentation.  IT_CSR_JE_EXAMPLES_052110.pdf

Best regards,

Katherine Lindsay

Institute of Technology Dean's Office

Finance Team