Monday, April 30, 2012

HRMS Entity Updates

Some information from central regarding HRMS entities...
I'm passing on information I just received:


The attached document was prepared by HRMS for local HR Directors as a
procedural guide for working on changes to Entities.  Requests for
changes to an Entity (description, reporting, activation and
inactivation) that RRC's submit through the BPEL process require prior
local HR approval.  In the past HRMS has often received Entity change
requests only to find out that the local HR unit is unaware of the
requested change.  We would like to avoid this situation.

Please read the attached guideline document and familiarize yourself
with the situations in which your local HR unit needs to be involved. As
Entity changes often affect seniority and bumping rights for employees,
it is imperative that your HR unit be fully aware of any change
requests before they are made.  If you have questions on these
guidelines, or our purpose in sharing them with you, please feel free to
contact myself or your local HR Director.

CJ Madsen

HRMS Production Support Manager

660 WBOB

Phone: 612-626-7963

Fax: 612-626-8924

Entity Change Guidlines.docx