Monday, March 26, 2018

CSE guidance on child accounts

A group of administrators worked with the Dean's Office to draft a collegiate statement regarding the use of child accounts in the college.  The draft language was circulated to all administrators for comment in January.  Now that the Finance blog is back up to memorialize this, CSE's approach to the use of child accounts is:

For sponsored projects involving co-investigators from more than one academic department, unless the involved department heads approve otherwise, child accounts should be established in each department to ensure that ICR is properly credited, that effort is well-managed, that reporting is robust, and so the administration of cross-departmental projects is as transparent as possible.  In addition, it is CSE's best practice to establish the resource division between departments at the PRF stage.  When multiple departments are involved, it is the responsibility of the administering department to adequately communicate with staff in other involved departments throughout the pre- and post-award processes.